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> KernSheriff - Sheriff's of Kern County

Sheriff / Coroner / Public Administrator

In 2002, following a campaign fought on the issues of leadership and experiences, the citizens of Kern County elected Donny Youngblood to the Offices-Coroner-Public Administrator.



SHERIFF MACK WIMBISH  -  Retired California Highway Patrol Officer Mack Wimbish was elected to the Office of Sheriff in January 2003.



SHERIFF CARL L. SPARKS  -  Sheriff’s Commander Carl Sparks was elected to the Office of Sheriff in January 1991 and went on to serve as the Sheriff of Kern County for three consecutive four-year terms until his retirement in January 2003.



SHERIFF JOHN R. SMITH  -  Then Tehachapi Chief of Police John R. Smith was elected to the Office of Sheriff in January 1987 and served until January 1991.



SHERIFF EDWARD L. KLEIER – Captain Edward L. “Larry” Kleier was elected to the Office of Sheriff in January 1983 and served until January 1987.


SHERIFF LOUIS ALVIN LOUSTALOT  -  In the election of November 1974, Sheriff’s Captain Louis Alvin “Al” Loutalot defeated Captain George Whiting in a hotly contested race for Sheriff. George Whiting went on to become the Sheriff of San Luis Obispo County. Al Loustalot, nephew of former Sheriff John E. Loustalot, held the office for two terms until his retirement I 1983.



SHERIFF CHARLES H. DODGE  -  Charlie Dodge was elected to the Office of Sheriff in January 1967 and served two four-year terms until January 1975.



SHERIFF LEROY F. GALYEN  -  Leroy Galyen was elected Sheriff in January three four-year terms.  Sheriff Galyen was an organizer. Uniform regulations were enforced, existing programs were formalized and fine-tuned and the Department took on a new professional image under his leadership.



SHERIFF TOM KELLY -  Former Bakersfield Policeman Tom Kelly was elected to the Office of Sheriff in January 1951, and served for one four-year term, to January 1955.


SHERIFF JOHN E. LOUSTALOT  -  John E. Loustalot was elected Sheriff in January 1939 and served until January 1951. He was the second of four men to serve three four-year terms as Kern County Sheriff. Sheriff Loustalot was responsible for establishing the Reserve Organization and the Sheriff’s Mounted Posse. After leaving the Office of Sheriff in January 1951, he went on to become the Postmaster for Bakersfield.



SHERIFF EDWARD CHAMPNESS  -  EDWARD Champness was elected Sheriff in January 1935 and served until January 1939. Sheriff Champness’ efforts to professionalize the Department by adopting a uniform, remains apparent today.



SHERIFF JOHN CASWELL WALSER -  John Caswell Walser served as Sheriff from January 1923 until January 1935. Sheriff Walser held the office for three, four-year terms, being one of only four men to do so, sharing that honor with Sheriff John E. Loustalot, Sheriff LeRoy Galyen, and Sheriff Carl Sparks.



SHERIFF DAN  “BOONE” NEWELL – Dan “Boone” Newell, former Bakersfield Constable (6th Township), served as Sheriff from January 1915 to January 1923. Newell was later re-elected to his Constable job in the 6th Township.



SHERIFF THOMAS A. BAKER  - Thomas A. Baker, former Kern County Tax Collector, was elected Sheriff in January 1911 and served one four-year term from January 1911 to January 1915.



SHERIFF JOHN W. KELLY -  John W. Kelly, former Randsburg Constable (11th Township), replaced Sheriff Borgwardt in 1903. His term ended in January 1910.

SHERIFF HENRY L. BORGWARDT, JR. -  Henry L. Borgwardt, Jr. was returned to the Office of Sheriff and served from April 1896 to January 1903

In 1896, the State Legislature enacted provisions of California Government Code Section 24200 which mandated that the election of certain constitutional county officers would be held at the same time as the election of State Governor. The election for Sheriff and most other county officers was now held on the Tuesday of every fourth year on the even years and the winners would be inaugurated early in the following January (on the odd years). Thus, Henry L. Borgwardt, Jr.  became the first Sheriff to serve a four-year term of office.



SHERIFF WILLIAM R. BOWER - Williams R. Bower was re-elected to the Office of Sheriff for his seventh and final term from April 1893 to April 1895.




SHERIFF HENRY L. BORGWARDT, JR.  -  Henry Borgwardt, Jr., was Sheriff for one two-year term from April  1891 to April  1893.



SHERIFF W. J. GRAHAM  - W.J. Graham was Sheriff for one two year term from April 1889 to April 1891.


SHERIFF DALLAS McCORD  -  Dallas McCord was Sheriff for one term from April 1887 to April 1889.



SHERIFF WILLILAM R. BOWER -  William R. Bower was returned to office in April 1878, and held the Office of Sheriff for five consecutive terms ( ten years), from April   1878 to 1887.

On August 9, 1884, the Board of Supervisors enacted Kern County Ordinance No. 10 establishing a separate Office of the Tax Collector, removing it from the Office of Sheriff. Thomas A. Baker, son of Colonel Thomas Baker, was appointed Kern County Tax Collector in November of 1885 and served until 1894.



SHERIFF MADISON (MATT) P.WELLS  -  Madison (Matt) P. Wells was Sheriff for one two-year term from April  1876 to April  1878.



SHERIFF WILLIAM R. BOWER - William R. Bower was Sheriff for one two-year term from April 1874 to April 1876.



SHERIFF WILLIAM H. COONS - William H. Coons held the Office of Sheriff for two terms, from April 1870 until April 1874.


SHERIFF REDMOND B. SAGELY - In April 1868, Redmond B. Sagely was elected Sheriff/Tax Collector, becoming the second man to hold the office. Sagely was to become a one-term (2 years) Sheriff.



SHERIFF WILLIAM B. ROSS -William B. Ross became the first Sheriff and Tax Collector of Kern County, taking office in July 1866. His term ended in April 1868.