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> Misc > News Releases

9/16/2014 10:36 PM
Subject:  Butane Hash Oil Lab Located During Probation Search in Southwest Bakersfield
Details:  On September 16th, 2014, Kern Narcotics Enforcement Team (KNET) detectives went to 215 Blomquist Drive to conduct a probation search of the residence and located five individuals inside.  During the search, detectives located suspected methamphetamine, narcotics paraphernalia, Hash oil, and marijuana inside the residence.  Detectives also located a Butane Hash (Honey) Oil lab inside the residence.  Lenis Broadway (30) was arrested for Possession of a controlled substance, Possession of Hash Oil, Possession of Marijuana, and Manufacturing of a controlled substance.  Megan Martin (25) was arrested for Possession of a controlled substance, Possession of Hash Oil, Possession of narcotics paraphernalia, and Manufacturing of a controlled substance. Michelle Gomez (36), and Joshua Sullivan (36) were also at the residence.  Gomez was arrested for a felony warrant, and Sullivan was arrested for Possession of a fictitious bill, and Possession of narcotics paraphernalia.  All four individuals were booked into the Sheriff's downtown jail.  (SR14-24642)

9/15/2014 4:23 PM
Subject:  Sheriff's homicide detectives investigate the death of a 2 month old infant in Oildale.
Details:  Details: On September 14, 2014 at about 6 p.m. metropolitan patrol deputies responded to a report of a baby choking and unresponsive at an apartment in the 3300 block of North Chester Avenue in Oildale The infant, later identified as 2 month old Rowan Gonzales had reportedly been fed by her parents and put to bed. When her parents went to check on her a short time later they found her gasping for air and choking. The child lost consciousness and stopped breathing so CPR was started and 911 was called. Rescue personnel performed CPR on the child and it was transported by ambulance to Memorial hospital where it was pronounced dead a short time later. Deputies learned the apartment the family resided in was without electrical power and the conditions inside the apartment were substandard. Sheriff’s homicide detectives were called to the scene to take over the investigation. Five other children living in the home were taken into protective custody. The child’s death is being treated as suspicious. An autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death.

9/15/2014 2:37 PM
Subject:  Cancel Wanted Notice
Details:  Please cancel the wanted notice on A.J. Wilson. He has been located and returned home.

9/13/2014 12:53 PM
Subject:  Suspect arrested following a struggle over deputy's Taser.
Details:  On September 13, 2014 at 10:45 am, Kern County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Motel 6 located at 8223 East Brundage Lane in Bakersfield. Deputies were attempting to locate the parents of a one year old juvenile who had a protective custody removal order out of San Luis Obispo County. The father, RICHARD ROMO (31 years old), of Bakersfield also had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for domestic violence and vandalism. Deputies arrived and located ROMO, the juvenile’s mother and the juvenile in room 253. Deputies attempted to take ROMO into custody on his outstanding warrant. ROMO resisted arrest while on the second floor balcony of the motel. Deputies attempted to pepper spray ROMO which had no effect. A deputy deployed their Electronic Control Device (Taser) in an attempt to control ROMO. ROMO was able to gain control of the deputy’s Taser while it was still in the deputy’s hand and activated. ROMO was able to redirect the activated Taser away from him and into assisting deputies several times before he could be controlled. ROMO was taken into custody without further incident. No deputies were injured during this incident. ROMO was arrested for assault with a stun gun on a peace officer, resisting an executive officer, and obstructing, delaying, and resisting a peace officer. ROMO was booked into the Central Receiving Facility on the above listed charges (SR14-24317).

9/13/2014 2:18 AM
Subject:  Homicide detectives respond to Lerdo Jail after inmate is found dead in cell.
Details:  Details: On Friday September 12 at about 10 p.m. a 56 year old inmate was found in medical distress and slumped over in his cell at Lerdo pretrial facility. Detention deputies performed CPR on the inmate and paramedics were summoned. The inmate was pronounced dead a short time later at the scene. Sheriff's homicide detectives responded and conducted an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. The identity of the inmate is being withheld pending notification of family.

9/12/2014 7:05 PM
Subject:  Deputies arrest 2 suspects for armed robbery
Details:  Details: On 9/12/14 at approximately 2:20 P.M., Deputies from Metro Patrol responded to an armed robbery in progress in the 1200 block of Flower Street in Bakersfield. When deputies arrived they determined that two male suspects robbed 4 victims in an alley. The suspects were described as 2 Hispanic males. The victims said one of the suspects was armed with a rifle and the second suspect was armed with a handgun. The victims said the suspects fled in a black mini truck. A short time later a deputy located a dark green mini truck occupied by 2 Hispanic males near the intersection of Flower Street and Williams Street. The 2 Hispanic males were detained and positively identified as the robbery suspects. A search of the mini truck revealed a loaded sawed off shotgun and a replica handgun. Andres Agirre-Aguilar (19) was arrested for robbery, possession of a short barreled shotgun, displaying an imitation firearm, and conspiracy. Andres Rivera (24) was arrested for robbery, possession of a short barreled shotgun, displaying an imitation firearm, felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition, and conspiracy.

9/11/2014 12:36 AM
Subject:  KCSO Gang Unit Deputies execute four search warrants and make four arrests related to assault in Weedpatch
Details:  Details: On April 7, 2014 deputies from the Lamont Substation responded to KMC for a subject who was the victim of an assault that occurred in the 7800 block of Florence St in Weedpatch. Weedpatch is a small community just south of Lamont. The victim stated he had been assaulted by several individuals and had a glass bottle broken over his head. Deputies from the Kern County Sheriff’s Gang Unit conducted the follow-up investigation and developed 29 year old Fernando Vega, 19 year old Christopher Bustamante, 19 year old Efrain Chocoteco and 19 year old Joshua Rodriguez as suspects in this case. On September 10, 2014, deputies from the Sheriff’s Gang Unit executed search warrants on each of the suspect’s residences where they located and seized several items of gang indicia. During the search of Bustamante’s residence, deputies also located methamphetamine packaged for sale. Vega, Bustamante, Chocoteco and Rodriguez were all arrested and booked into the Kern County Central Receiving Facility on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy and participation in a criminal street gang. Bustamante was also booked on the additional charge of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of sale.

9/10/2014 9:47 AM
Subject:  Child Safety Tips
Details:  The Kern County Sheriff’s Office would like to offer some tips for parents and children to keep in mind as the fall season approaches. Milder fall weather in Kern County often brings with it school carnivals, festivals, and the ever popular Kern County Fair. In 2013, 457 children were lost or separated from their parents at the Kern County Fair. It is important that parents take certain precautions in public places with their children, and children know what to do if they become lost. Here are some safety tips to help prevent losing a child in a public place: Dress your child in bright colors. Bright, neon, or unique patterns such as bold stripes or polka dots can make your child(ren) stand out in a crowd. Neon colors stand out more than muted tones. Dressing siblings in matching hats or shirts can help a parent remember what to look for if a child suddenly gets lost. Have a recent digital photo of your child on your smart phone or camera. If possible, take a picture of your child that day in the outfit they are wearing should they become lost in a large crowd and you need assistance locating your child. Before outings in busy or crowded places, run through “what if” scenarios with your child if they should become lost. Discuss before reaching your destination what each family member should do if they become separated from the group. Some parents suggest children search out a cashier, a police officer, or a mother with children if they should become lost and panicked. Discuss various meeting points with children if they are old enough to find a set location on their own. If children are young teach them to stay put and not wander off once they realize they have become separated from the group. Teach your child to never walk away with someone they don’t know who tries to take them someplace. Practice various scenarios for your child of what they should do if this should happen. Teaching a child to yell loudly “this isn’t my mommy or daddy”, or “help me, this is a stranger” will alert people nearby. Children simply yelling or throwing tantrums does not alert other people of a possible abduction because kids yelling or fussing is not an uncommon occurrence in crowded places. Make sure child(ren) know a parent or guardian’s full name and cell phone number. Quiz children before you reach your destination to make sure they have the information memorized. Often younger kids only know a parent as “Mom” or “Dad”, but if a loudspeaker or PA system needs to be used, a full name is helpful. If a child is too young to remember a parents name or phone number it can be written on a hand or arm in permanent ink. If in a group with multiple children or multiple adults, assign one adult to watch one child at all times. Don’t make assumptions that another adult has the responsibility of watching the children. If the assigned adult needs time off from watching a child, he or she should assign another adult to take over. Get verbal confirmation from another adult that they are watching the child, and confirmation on exactly what child they are committed to watching. This is especially true when playing in or near water, as drowning’s occur very near to adults at pool parties because adults assume someone else is watching the children. Maintain “touch” supervision with smaller children and visible supervision with older children. A small child can dart out in front of a car, around a corner, or become lost in a crowd very easily. “Touch” supervision requires the child remain close enough for an adult to touch at all times. Holding hands is a very effective approach for some parents. For older kids, maintain a line of sight on them at all times. Teach them that when you can’t see them clearly they have gone too far. As frightening as it is to lose a child, remain calm and think clearly. Report your child missing as soon as possible. Search out assistance from other adults in the group, law enforcement, and nearby employees. If near water, always check to make sure a child is not in the water first. If you are near vehicles always check to make sure a child did not accidentally climb in and become entrapped in the vehicle. For any additional information on child safety or prevention tips, please contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit at or (661) 391-7559.

9/10/2014 7:39 AM
Subject:  KCSO narcotics detectives eradicate several marijuana gardens in the Caliente-Bodfish area with the assistance of CAMP
Details:  Details: On Monday, September 8 and Tuesday, September 9; the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Major Violator Unit (MVU) served several search warrants on remote rural marijuana gardens in the Caliente-Bodfish mountain area with the assistance of personnel from the Campaign Against Marijuana Planters (CAMP) and the Kern County Cal-MMET and HIDTA teams. MVU detectives discovered the clandestine grow sites after receiving tips from concerned citizens and private property owners in the area, who saw signs that led them to believe marijuana growers were active in the area. Investigators eradicated over 3,600 marijuana plants which were located in numerous gardens in the area. In addition to eradicating the marijuana plants, personnel cleaned the grow sites by removing several truckloads of camping equipment, food, chemicals and pesticides, poly-hose drip line, plastic fencing, and animal traps. Investigators discovered the marijuana growers had been diverting water from existing water sources, which is used for livestock and wildlife. The marijuana and trash was flown out of the grow sites by helicopter and disposed of.

9/8/2014 10:12 PM
Subject:  Oildale Search Warrant at a Home Results in Sales of Narcotics Charges
Details:  On September 8, 2014, detectives from the Kern Narcotics Enforcement Team (KNET), with assistance from the Kern County Gang Suppression Street Enforcement Unit, executed a search warrant at 120 S. Plymouth Avenue in Bakersfield. Detectives located approximately seven (7) ounces of methamphetamine, scales, packaging, and narcotics paraphernalia inside the residence. Melodie Dearman (34 years old), and Jeff Prince (35 years old) were arrested for possession of a controlled substance for sales, possession of a controlled substance, possession of narcotics paraphernalia, conspiracy, and child endangerment. Also located inside the residence were Dillon Henry (22 years old) and Buddy Stone (39 years old). Both Henry and Stone were arrested for possession of a controlled substance. All four subjects were booked into the Kern County Sheriff's Office Central Receiving Facility (SR14-23847).

9/8/2014 9:14 PM
Subject:  Sheriff's homicide detectives investigate the death of a toddler that reportedly drowned in a backyard pond in Rosamond
Details:  Details: On September 8, 2014 at about 3:56 p.m. deputies from the Rosamond Substation responded to a report of a 2 year old toddler that was found unresponsive in a back yard pond in the 2100 block of Manchester street in Rosamond. The child was discovered by his father, 29 year old Alan Robbins of Rosamond. The child was transported to Antelope Valley Hospital where it was pronounced dead upon arrival. A preliminary investigation revealed the child was in the company of his 1 year old sibling at the time of the incident and it appeared both children were not being adequately supervised. Sheriff's homicide detectives responded to the scene and conducted an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the child's death. That investigation is ongoing.

9/8/2014 1:34 AM
Subject:  Homicide detectives investigate a suspicious child death in Ridgecrest
Details:  Details: On September 7, 2014 at about 5:50p.m. Ridgecrest substation deputies responded to the 1900 block of West Ward Avenue in Ridgecrest after a 1 year old toddler was found face down and unresponsive in a tub of water inside a residence there. Rescue personnel arrived and started CPR on the child before transporting it to Ridgecrest Hospital where it was pronounced dead a short time later. The circumstances surrounding the child's death are suspicious and detectives from the Sheriff's Homicide Unit responded to the scene to conduct an investigation. That investigation is ongoing. The cause of the child's death is pending an autopsy.