Kern County Sheriff's Office

Rosamond is Operating from the Mojave Substation

1771 HIGHWAY 58
MOJAVE, CA. 93501
BUSINESS PHONE: (661) 824-7130
MOJAVE JAIL: (661) 824-7147
FAX: (661) 824-9256

Sometime around 1955 the Rosamond Substation became a resident post. The resident Deputy reported to the Sergeant at Mojave and was responsible for all law enforcement services to the community. In the late 1960's, Deputies moved into the first Rosamond Substation. The original station was operated out of a back room at the Fire Department on Desert Street. In 1977, the substation moved into its own building, giving the growing staff more room. In 1983 the Rosamond Substation was consolidated by the Mojave Substation and the office was retained as only office space for the deputies. In 1987, the Rosamond Substation was reopened on Diamond Street. In 1996, the substation was relocated to their current location at 1379 Sierra Highway. The Rosamond Substation was the birthplace of the Sheriff's Department Off Highway Enforcement Team, which has now moved to the Ridgecrest Substation. The Rosamond Substation is on the Southeastern most end of the County and borders the Los Angeles County cities of Lancaster and Palmdale with over 430,000 residents. Because of the close proximity of such a vast amount of people, the Deputies that serve at the Rosamond Substation are dealing with considerably more people than the numbers our small township imply.

The Rosamond Substation in 2015 serves over 18,000 residents. Even though Edwards AFB is in the Boron response area, the west gate is part of the Rosamond response area. The 412th Test Wing is the host wing for Edwards Air Force Base, the 2nd largest base in the Air Force. The wing oversees base day-to-day operations and provides support for over 10,000 military, federal civilian and contract personnel assigned to a 481 square mile installation. Approximately 13,000 people in total live and work on Edwards AFB.

The 412th Test Wing plans, conducts, analyzes, and reports on all flight and ground testing of aircraft, weapons systems, software and components as well as modeling and simulation for the U.S. Air Force. Hundreds of significant aviation "firsts" have been accomplished at Edwards.

The west area of Rosamond had been home to a large agricultural farming area and the Willow Springs Raceway. Recently, as water has become scarce and more expensive, some of these farms have been replaced with Renewable energy producers including several large wind and solar projects. The famous Willow Springs Raceway has events every weekend at the facility which includes 7 separate racetracks and a driving school. The site is also used for automobile and testing and filming. Millions of dollars’ worth of automobiles travel to the track weekly.

Would You Like To Be a Citizen Volunteer?

The Citizen Service Unit is a group of men and women of Kern County who assist the Sheriff's Department. If you are interested, please review the Citizen Service Unit brochure below for further details.

Would you like a copy of a report?

You must request a copy by filling out a form at the Substation. Not everyone is eligible for a copy of a report. Once you request it, we will contact you within 10 days regarding your eligibility.

Fingerprinting…..Rosamond does not have Live Scan. We do fingerprinting on cards only. You must provide the cards. Walk-ins welcome on Thursdays only between 130 pm and 330 pm.

Section Contacts

Gangs - Deputy W. Malloy
Citizens Service Unit - Senior Deputy S. Vasquez
290 Registrants - Deputy B. Harmonson
Evidence - Deputy J. Juden
Sheriff's Activities League (SAL) - Deputy O. Ramos
School Resource Officer (SRO) - Deputy J. Juden

To contact the Sergeant regarding a compliment or complaint, you may Contact Sgt. Anton by e-mail at antonj@kernsheriff.com

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